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Art Heroes at Thought Bubble

Art Heroes will be appearing at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend. Thought Bubble is one of our favourite conventions (along with Canny Comic Con) due to its family-friendly atmosphere, its big-name comic creators and, well, just being brilliant.

We’ll be in the Royal Armouries Hall at tables 62 and 63; running a character creation competition, chatting with anyone who wants to learn about making comics, and selling copies of Halcyon & Tenderfoot:

If you’re on the fence about going to Thought Bubble, I’d urge you to take the plunge and attend. You won’t be disappointed. The UK creators are excellent and friendly, the big name creators are many, and there are a lot of events and panels to go along to.

Keep an eye out on to find out more about what we’ll be getting up to at this year’s Thought Bubble.

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Art Heroes

Art Heroes is the trading name of Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, a writer and artist team publishing comic books and offering a range of creative workshops.